About Us

This is a list of the volunteers who have chosen to publish their bios.

Ivan Brown

Hanson Dodge Creative , Application Developer
I moved to Dallas from Milwaukee, WI in June of this year to be with my long-time girlfriend, who got a local job in Dallas. I work for a Graphic Design/Ad agency in Milwaukee from the comfort of my apartment. I've been an ASP.NET developer at Hanson Dodge Creative for one year. Prior to that, I was their one-man IT department. I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I'm enjoying life in Dallas and I'm looking forward to getting involved in the community.

Leroy Levin

CA , Programmer
I'm looking to put some book learning to work. Do not consider myself an ASP.NET coding guru but have an MCAD cert in .Net 2003 (VB) for what ever that's worth. Would like to see what we, the Mobility User Group, might be able to add to the effort. Either as a thick mobile client or mobile enabling web controls.

Mark Anderson

DeVry University , Student
I attend DeVry University at the Irving, TX campus, and am attaining my bachelor's degree in Game and Simulation Programming. My major used to be Computer Information Systems, and I learned C# in a few of those classes. I mostly code in C++ now, but have made some small programs in C# as of recent.

Anthony Harwood

ISoftwareDesign.com , Architect
I am a Senior Software Developer at dataReference, Inc., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Dallas, TX. I started programming on the Atari 400 computer in 1979. I have recently upgraded to a more modern computer system.

Craig Bowes

Enilon , Lead Application Developer
Craig is currently the Lead Developer in Fort Worth, Texas for Enilon Group, a web development firm. He has been programming since 3rd grade (using the Comodoore PET) and professionally for the past 8 years. He has written several articles for ASPToday.com and co-authored the book "Beginning Web Programming using VB.NET and Visual Studio .NET" Currently, his favorite programming language is C#, but he has programmed in Visual Basic, T-SQL, Ruby, ColdFusion, ASP 3.0/VBScript, ASP.NET, Javascript, Java and even Pascal. Besides programming, Craig is best known for his cooking and his somewhat offbeat sense of humor.

John Chapman

Myself , Consultant
Excellent skills in application development using full Visual Basic, C++, or C# .Net in stand alone and distributed applicationsl. Has good skills at applying Java; but, prefers using Visual Basic 6.0 or C# .Net in desktop application development. Has good knowledge in connecting to Oracle and SQL Server using embedded SQL. Can also connect to Oracle directly using PL/SQL in stored procedures or connect to SQL Server directly using T/SQL in stored procedures. Has used both the ODBC and OLEDB as the link to the backend database (SQL Server, Oracle). Has complete project life experience including requirements definition, logical analysis (flowsheets), and coding. Is a good team player and has excellent communication skills

Rick Spencer

CreativeVine , Creative Director
- Web Developer for 10 years - Worked with many Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Ratheon, Motorola and Fujitsu - CreativeVine established in 2001 - it is a network of independent freelancers

Rick Michaels

Epsilon , Developer
I am a Sr Developer for Epsilon Data Management in their Loyalty Marketing group where I maintain applications in VB6, VB .Net 2.0 and ASP .Net 2.0/C#. I have 20 years software development experience, the last 5 in .Net, primarily VB/Windows/Middle Tier. I have worked mostly in Oracle for the past 5 years with an occasional foray into SQL Server as needed. I am also active as a leader in the Dallas .Net Users Group and active in the Dallas ASP .Net Users Group and the Dallas C# Users Group.

Chris Jung


Samir Ray

Pariveda Solutions , Manager
Samir Ray is a Manager at Pariveda Solutions. Pariveda Solutions (pronounced par e vay da) is in the Business of IT®. We empower Information Technology organizations to function more like services companies inside their corporate enterprises. From the way they define their internal strategy, to the way they deploy their resources and provide value to the business, our proven methodology drives costs out of IT while improving internal service quality and responsiveness. This organizational transformation is necessary and foundational for any IT enterprise engaging in the Business of IT®.

Jeff Townes

Pariveda Solutions , Manager
Jeff Townes is a Manager with Pariveda Solutions. He has over five years of technology consulting experience in myriad industries, and his emphasis is on delivering applications using Microsoft .NET. His areas of expertise include designing, developing and maintaining web applications and custom integration software. Mr. Townes has led large development efforts for industries including investments, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing, and he also serves as a .NET development instructor. He recently completed a large, distributed point-of-sale application for a national flight services company using .NET 3.0 technologies including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Leonard E. James

Lionhart Technologies, LLC , President
I am a senior business and technical consultant with over 40 years of professional experience in the information management and process industries who specializes in the analysis, design and implementation of computer applications with proven problem solving and analytical skills. My career spans research chemistry, chemical engineering and marketing, as well as, software engineering and information technology. I hold a B.S degree in Chemistry and a M.S in Computer Science. Areas of expertise include Microsoft .NET Frameworks(1.1, 2.0), ASP.NET AJAX, LINQ, .NET 3.0 and 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008, Silverlight, Object-oriented analysis and design employing the Unified Modeling Language (UML), Agile programming methodology, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)/ Cryptography, Point-of-sale (POS)systems.

Art Montz

Customer Service Manager for 20+ years. I recently moved to the IT world focusing mainly on Microsoft's DOT NET framework. I primarily assist small businesses with SQL Server 2005 (single server) development along with some Microsoft Office VBA coding. While I am very new to ASP.NET and C#, I look forward in applying my acquired knowledged to real-world applications.

Russel Loski

Self Employed , Senior Developer
I consider myself a strong SQL Server developer and ADO.Net developer. I can design table structures as well as the views and stored procedures to read those structures. I also have extensive experience as a web developer using .Net languages.

Jason Massie

Terremark , DBA
Jason is a SQL Server Consultant for Professional Services organization of Data Return LLC. Jason is an MCITP Database Administrator, MCITP Database Developer and MCDBA on 7.0 and 2000. He specializes in performance tuning but has been doing a lot of SQL 2005 upgrade\migrations and new feature implementation lately. Jason also does performance tuning at http://sqlvelocity.com. He maintains a technical blog at http://statisticsio.com Jason lives in Irving, TX. He enjoys time with his wife and three daughters as well as making deep techno and house music.

Ben McFarlin

BlinkCorp , BizTalk Architect

Raymond Sanchez

PrintPlace.com , Developer
I'm currently working for an online printing company as a software developer. We are currenty using visual studio 2005, c#, sql server 2005, and ajax. I have over 2 years of experience but very confident in writing code and also designing and building databases.

Amy Stewart

Stewart Design, Inc. , Graphic Designer
Amy Stewart has over 15 years experince as a graphic designer, and has worked on projects for both print and web for clients of all types and sizes, from museums and fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations and small startup businesses. With a background in traditional art coupled with an appreciation of usability principles, we create easy-to-use website designs which are both functional and visually pleasing.

Justin Finch

Pariveda Solutions , Associate
Justin Finch is an Associate at Pariveda Solutions, a Dallas based IT consulting firm. Over the past four years he has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, health insurance, asset management, and general aviation services. His strengths are designing and developing web-based and thick client applications using the Microsoft .NET technologies. On his most recent project he helped design and develop a large scale, distributed point-of-sale system for North America’s largest flight services company using Microsoft .NET 3.0 technologies including WPF and WCF. He has experience working on large teams as well as leading smaller engagements. Mr. Finch graduated from the University of North Texas with a BS in Business Computer Information Services.

Brian Orrell

Pariveda Solutions , Vice President
Brian Orrell is a Vice President with Pariveda Solutions. He has over fifteen years of technology consulting experience in a variety of industries and technologies. His emphasis is on the delivery of enterprise solutions utilizing Microsoft .NET. His areas of expertise include designing, developing and maintaining web-based and distributed object systems. Mr. Orrell has led large-scale development engagements for large utility companies, airlines, shipping companies, educational and non-profit organizations.

Tom Perkins

Tricraft Information Systems , President
Several decades' experience in design and development of user-friendly systems for small businesses and non-profits in the Dallas area. SIG Leader for the Microsoft Certification SIG (CertSIG) for the North Texas PC Users Group. Looking forward to gaining real-world experience with web applications; have done limited ASP.NET coding.

Dave Swersky

Brierley + Partners , Sr. Developer
Dave works as a Senior Developer and Architect in the Product Development Group at Brierley + Partners. He has over seven years .NET experience developing a variety of applications, including asset management, custom framework development, CRM, ERP, and Email. He lives in McKinney with his wonderful wife and three kids, and enjoys hobbyist programming and the odd Halo tournament (when time permits!)

Tim Mitchell

Mitchell Information Consulting , Database Analyst
Tim Mitchell is a database analyst/developer with over eight years experience in IT, more than half of which has been spent supporting and developing Microsoft SQL Server systems. His areas of expertise are database development and modeling, ETL, report writing, and more recently, business intelligence. He works full time in the health care sector and has recently begun offering his services as a contractor on the side. Tim holds a bachelor's degree in computer science as well as the MCDBA and MCTS (SQL Server Admin) certifications.

Matthew Roberts

Catapult Systems , Senior Consultant
http://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewr Over 10 years of consulting and development experience with nearly all Microsoft tools and technologies.

Jason Alexander

Telligent , CTO
Jason was formerly a Software Architect at Match.com, one of the most highly trafficked web sites worldwide. Prior to Match, Jason worked for Mark Cuban’s company, Broadcast.com, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, JPMorgan Chase Bank, and many others. Jason is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider, and President of the North Dallas .NET Users Group. Jason attended the University of North Texas where he studied Computer Science. Jason's responsibilities at Telligent involve managing all the software development and services projects.

Ellen Marquez

Robert Half Technology , Contract Consultant
A dedicated information technology professional with an emphasis on developing applications for large enterprises by utilizing test-driven and service oriented architecture models. Ellen has ten years industry experience in developing distributed applications, both internet and desktop systems. A former international expatriate with experience in Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom working for such clients as Accenture, Barclays, Sainsbury’s, and Carrefour implementing information technology solutions. She has a passionate interest in foreign languages and is fluent in Spanish/Castellano utilized in consulting; and a continuing effort to learn basic Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Dutch. She attended the University of Texas at Austin and has a degree in Management Information Systems from the College of Business. A Microsoft Certified Professional in .Net / C#.

Randy Walker

Harvest I.T. Inc. , President
Randy Walker is the owner of a small business ISV (Independant Software Vendor) and tries to help others with their startup software businesses. Randy is also a INETA Membership Mentor and helps user groups evangelize the .Net framework.

Kevin Harder

Telligent Systems , Software Development Engineer
Kevin Harder is a software development engineer on th product development team at Telligent. He works on Telligent's trio of products: Community Server, Enterprise Reporting, and Graffiti. Kevin prefers C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server but has been known to use VB.NET and WinForms occasionally.

Ken Hanson

Telligent , UI / Markup Specialist
Ken's a UI specialist with serious CSS-fu. There's no passion that compares to that of web standards for him. He comes packaged with divitis vaccines and a 7 browser buffet. After that, he's a sportbike enthusiast, gamer, work-a-holic and a night owl. Every now and then, you can catch him hanging up his CSS on the fridge.

Jay Smith

Tyson Foods, Inc. , President - NWA DNUG

Mark Leon Watson

ThinkCash Loan Services (http://www.thinkcash.com); BIZWAX SOLUTIONS (http://bizwax.com) , Senior Software Development Lead
Well rounded software architect/developer with 20 years professional experience. Currently working as the UI/UX lead for an online loan services company specializing in web applications using ASP.NET web forms, CSS, VB.NET, and SQL.

Kathleen Weaver

Dallas ISD , Computer Science / Webmastering Teacher
I have taught high school computer science and web mastering for 16 years (well, web mastering for around 10 years) for Dallas ISD at Hillcrest High School. I am a recent winner of the TI Foundation STEM award.

Steve Sanderson

Securus Technologies ,
Several years of Business application development utilizing the Microsoft Office suite of applications with Access as the primary driver. Also have several years experience working with SQL Server as a stand alone and as a back end for more powerful data applications utilizing Access and Excel. Have dabbled in vb.net and web applications, but at this point remain primarily a windows data application developer.

Deborah Bean

D-N-B Consultants , Business Analyst / Developer
Co-owner of D-N-B Consultants with over 15 years of Microsoft experience. Author of 3 books on Act! Contact Management and one book on Peachtree Accounting software. Currently providing contract services to Freeman Company as a data analyst.

Tina Wilson

none , Junior Web Bitch
Tina is a skilled developer and designer currently developing enterprise class applications for one of the largest homebuilders in America.

Patrick Daly

Lead Maverick , Web Designer
I'm 23 years old and have been building websites for about 4 years. I'm an expert with XHTML and CSS, I live and breathe all things Internet (and Web 2.0), I love working through usability issues, thinking through SEO, and having fun with my work.

Nolan Bailey

Suncreek Systems, Inc. , Senior Software Engineer

Fernando R Dominguez

Datamatic, Ltd , Developer
Worked on several web projects as well as windows apps, been doing the programming gig for a while, I don't consider myself the best but I think I am pretty good.

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