Texas Response Unit Search & Rescue

Texas Response Unit Search & Rescue


Texas Response Unit Search & Rescue is a volunteer nonprofit organization. Our mission is to assist local, state and federal agencies in the recovery of lost, missing and abducted persons in urban and wilderness or natural and man-made disasters while proactively educating response agencies and the community.

Web Project

We need to add online testing to our website.


TRUSAR is developing a DVD education program for Texas Law Enforcement (police and firefighters, as well as other first responders) that will give officers continuing education credit in Search and Rescue skills. This 16-hour program will give law enforcement the tools to quickly and effectively deploy search and rescue resources in a missing person incident. TRUSAR is currently working to have 100% of this program funded by grants in 2008, so there will be no cost to the agencies or officers who participate in this continuing education.

As part of the program, officers who complete portions of the program will take various online tests to receive credit for completing the course. This objective fulfills the requirement by TCLEOSE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) to allow officers to receive continuing education credit. Officers are required to receive 40 hours per year in approved continuing education. There are over 80,000 law enforcement officers in Texas served by TCLEOSE.

We need a web based application that will allow a TRUSAR administrator (“administrator”)to configure multiple choice tests that a law enforcement user (“user”) can take online. The administrator should be able to modify and create new tests as the program expands.

The user should be able to log on to the site (tentatively trusar.info) and enter in their information. The site will then log the user’s info and allow them to take the test they have selected.

The user will take the online test and upon completion will receive a certificate in printable format with the test name, date, and their name. There should also be an email that goes to the user and the administrator notifying them that they passed the test (or failed) and providing a URL good for X number of days to download a certificate.

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