The Samaritan Inn, Inc.
The Samaritan Inn, Inc.


We are a comprehensive homeless program that helps willing people gain dignity and independence.

Web Project

Add slideshow to existing website. (This might be a Silverlight project.)


We currently have a website but are limited as to what we can add to it. Mostly because we do not have the programs available for us to use, i.e. Flash, etc. We regularly have to obtain a quote from our web host to determine if it would be cost effective to make certain changes to our website. A change that we would like make on a regular basis is to add picture slide shows or very short videos. We often add pictures with a short paragraph regarding donations or a special event and we would like to include more that just a snapshot. We have created PowerPoint slideshows but they cannot be added to our website. Our web host is very inexpensive as a host and we really don’t want to change, but if we could do more ourselves, we would be able to save money that can be used somewhere else.

Since we are a not for profit organization, our funds are very limited; we do not have a ‘technical expert’ on staff. We sub-contract with an IT company to come in every now and then, otherwise the Development Manager or the Administrative Assistant handle all the IT issues. Only when a problem is beyond our knowledge do we call the IT company. This means that the program which is created for us would have to be easy to use….for ‘dummies’.

We would like this program to also be used to create DVDs to take to groups for presentations and for community awareness programs.

Thank you for your consideration.