Rise School of Dallas

Rise School of Dallas


To provide the highest quality early childhood education and therapy services to children with Down syndrome.

Web Project

They want to add the ability for teachers and therapists to enter their notes online. They would also like them to be able to upload photos.


The web site used by The Rise School of Dallas www.riseschool.org is operated by the University of Alabama. The site serves all seven of the Rise Schools nationwide. Each school tailors its link on the web site for that specific school. The current web site is not interactive, other than links to other web sites .

The Rise School of Dallas would like to have a software application linked to the current web site that would specifically target communication needs between teachers and parents. Currently teachers take many digital pictures of students and classroom activities. The pictures are stored on the school’s server and must be emailed to parents in order for the parents to see them. We would like the teachers to be able to save the daily pictures on the web site link that would be available for parents to access at any time.

The school currently has internet viewing cameras that are linked to the web site that parents can access at their convenience to view their children in the classroom. Each parent is provided a security password so that they can access his/her child’s classroom. We would like a secure link for each parent to access class pictures. We would also like to extend this capability to post classroom information, student progress notes, etc. The key criteria is that the function of saving the pictures be user-friendly, easy to do, and easily accessible for both teachers and parents. We would like to minimize the steps in this process as much as possible.

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