North Dallas Shared Ministries
North Dallas Shared Ministries


The mission of NDSM is to provide charitable assistance for persons in need, promote a sense of self-respect and responsibility and work with other organizations to respond to conditions of human need.

Less abstractly, its mission is to provide appropriate, effective emergency assistance to its clients and patients and to ascces these persons to employment opportunities as well as entitlement, health, and community programs designed to help them achieve stability for the longterm.

Web Project

A private Intranet to track medical records. Experience with HIPAA standards would be useful. (This application may be implemented as a windows application)


A volunteer-designed medical records program has been in use in the NDSM Free Medical Clinic for the Working Poor since its opening in April 2000. SQL is the data base and Perl is the language.

The program is used to:
1. Enter initial information provided by the patient.
2. Generate forms used by the professional.
3. Enter discharge information.
4. Generate a discharge form.

Because the Clinic is staffed entirely by volunteers, the admission data provided by the patients and the discharge data provided by the physicians are entered by a rotating staff of data entry volunteers – a fact that increases the risk of error.

Unfortunately, for the last three years we have not had a volunteer able to provide technical support for the medical records program. Therefore, required modifications have not been made, and the program no longer adequately meets the needs of the clinic. Our assessment is that changes and modifications should be made to the current program which would subsequently be rewritten in a language that is in widespread use and can be modified and maintained by a knowledgeable volunteer.
Our ideal program would:
1. Generate additional forms including an adult progress note, a child’s progress report and a portable medical record.
2. Be accompanied by detailed instructions for editing and maintaining.
3. Be password protected on multiple levels.
4. Be able to generate reports and statistics
5. Allow for inventory control
6. Be simple enough for entry use by nonprofessionals
7. Allow for re-entry of an individual file on a subsequent day to add information not contained on admit or discharge sheets.

If NDSM is selected for this outreach program, the clinic director will provide a more detailed and specific outline of clinic needs and goals for the data base program.