The mission of Irving.Net is to ensure that "no resident of Irving, TX, would be left behind in the Information Age due to lack of technology devices, training or connectivity, regardless of level of education, economic status, age, employment status, or language."

Inherent in this mission is dedication to providing not only the technology access lacking for underserved populations but also those educational support services which may be inaccessible via other avenues but necessary for an empowered, productive, and contributing citizen.

Web Project

They would like an enhancement to their website.


The charity’s website is currently managed by a third-party webmaster, with no ability for the charity to make their own changes, updates or improvements to the site. Irving.NET requests the addition of a classified ads feature allowing students to post classified ads, which would be reviewed by the administrative staff at Irving.NET and approved for publication on the web site. This new site would be on a separate server from the existing site as the existing site is Classic ASP hosted at an existing provider. Additionally, if there is time, the charity requests that the existing site be replatformed from ASP to Expression Web, with all content in a form that can be managed locally.