Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas

Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas


The Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas (IPC) is a community serving program housed at Parkland Hospital. Our mission is to prevent injuries through community collaboration, education, and evaluation. The IPC maintains nine community-based coalitions with more than 135 collaborating agencies and individuals working to eliminate child abuse, family violence, domestic violence, as well as death and injury due to motor vehicle crashes, falls, and fires. In addition, the IPC implements community-based preventive interventions in the areas of child passenger safety, pedestrian injury prevention, fire prevention, and senior falls injury prevention. Through these direct services, over 20,000 child passenger safety seats have been distributed to low-income communities, 7,000 smoke detectors have been installed in high-risk neighborhoods, and over 500 low income senior citizens have received home modifications and education to prevent falls.

Mobility Project

They want to be able to collect data on PalmPilot devices and transfer the data to a database.


We are seeking assistance to develop a small Access database, which will be used with the PalmPilots. We would have twenty PalmPilots in the field that could be synched with a master database back in the office. We have a product called Smart List to Go that relates the desk top, palm, and database, so from your end I think all we need is help putting that one page form into a simple database with text boxes and drop down lists.